Project Workshop

Scientific/Organizer Committee:
Lucilla Alfonsi (INGV)
Joaquim Fortuny-Guasch (JRC)

Local Organizer JRC
Press: Ufficio stampa INGV


DemoGRAPE is a project closed on last May. It has been funded by the Italian Ministry for University and Research in the frame of the Italian National Program for Antarctic Research.
The project has realized a demonstrator to provide on selected case studies an empirical assessment of the delay and of the corruption induced by the ionosphere on satellite signals in the Antarctic regions. The scope is to develop a prototype of a service addressed to the scientific and technological communities that relies on GNSS for their investigations and applications. DemoGRAPE has experimented the use of Cloud computing to create an innovative technological tool.
The initiative was born into GRAPE (GNSS Research and Application for Polar Environment), SCAR (Scientific Committee for Antarctic Research) Expert Group.
DemoGRAPE runs on archive data and on new measurements acquired at the South African station of SANAE IV (71° S, 2° W, Antarctica) and at the Brazilian station of EACF (62° S, 58° W, Antarctic Peninsula) during the expedition 2015-2016.
The Joint Research Centre of the European Commission (JRC) has supported the deployment of the new-concept of GNSS data acquisition.
The DemoGRAPE workshop aims to present the results achieved by the project to collect feedbacks and to delineate the actual scientific advancement in the field.

The event was held at JRC (Ispra, Italy) on 9th November 2016.

ispra DSCN6470


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