DemoGRAPE proposes to join the international efforts spent to monitor and study the high latitude ionosphere to realize a prototype of a service able to assist the GNSS users in the polar regions.
The ionospheric models, commonly used to evaluate and/or to remove the ionospheric contribution from the GNSS signals received at ground, are not reliable when applied to polar regions.
Countries located at high latitudes often use their own empirical tools to overcome the problem. Nevertheless a common initiative on this subject has not yet been agreed at international level. Also not all the communities have the economical, cultural and technological resources to develop appropriate means.
DemoGRAPE is proposed to fill this gap paving the way for the establishment of common standard and procedures in the field.
Areas of development and investment:
  • Prototype of the demonstrator based on cloud infrastructure and industrial production
  • New measurements by means of multi-constellations hardware and software receiver
  • Prototype of services oriented to space weather users